Prepare for Board Meetings

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

– John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach is here to help you – the individual board director – be ready for your next board meeting. Being ready all comes down to following a process to make sure you are well prepared to have an impact on board discussions. And the better prepared you are, the more confident you will feel.

So you’ve just received your package of board material – the agenda, the minutes of the last meeting, management reports, financial statements, charts and statistics, proposals, etc. Now what? How exactly do you prepare?


How To Prepare

Just follow DirectorPrep’s ROCK model® to make sure you are ready:

Let’s ROCK® in the boardroom today!
ROCK Model

And ask yourself some of’s Self-Preparedness Questions before the meeting. Even the most seasoned directors find it valuable to review questions like these to ensure they are in the right head space going into a board meeting.

Or download the Self-Preparedness Checklist of the top ten Self-Preparedness Questions.

ROCK Model
Self-Preparedness Questions
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Self-Preparedness Checklist


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